Made to Measure from Christopher James.

Upgrade to clothing exclusively designed for you.

Whether you are a difficult fit or just want something completely unique, Made to Measure is the way to go. At Christopher James, we collaborate with the finest designers to produce our made to measure suitings, jackets and sport coats, trousers, shirts and neckwear.

Our experienced staff of skilled tailors and sales consultants will work with you ensuring that the fit, model, and look is just right for you.

Once your clothing is selected, our tailors will carefully take your measurements and meticulously alter each garment so it fits exactly the way the designer intended it to.


Tired of being limited to what is hanging on the racks? Experience the individuality of Made to Measure from Christopher James. Unlimited fabric selection, unique style detailing, and the perfect fit is all part of the Christopher James experience. From picking your button thread color to the size of the lapels on your coat, your personal style is on display with our custom offerings from Coppley, Robert Talbott, Samuelsohn, Paul Betenly, I Design, Measure Up and more.