Measure Up Custom Shirts Definitely Measure Up

Measure Up Custom Shirts Definitely Measure Up

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Is your New Year’s resolution to lose weight not going as planned? That’s okay, we have a solution: buy a shirt that fits right and you’ll instantly lose 10 pounds.

This is harder to do when you buy a shirt off the rack in a department store, though, so to ensure you get a shirt that fits perfectly, order one (or a few) from Measure Up, a world-renowned custom-shirt maker.

We proudly carry Measure Up right here at Christopher James Menswear, and we would love to help you craft your perfect shirt.

We’ll consult you on your desired fit and personal style, and then take more than a dozen measurements to ensure the size and shape is right.

Next we’ll help you choose from nearly 400 fabrics (all of which are sourced from reputable mills around the world). Here you can feel free to be picky about hairline vs. bengal, pink vs. salmon, or two-button vs. two-button-cut—that’s the beauty of having a shirt custom made.

We’ll also help you decide on buttons, cuff styles and more.

Learn more about made-to-measure clothing here…

Once every measurement is taken and every feature is chosen, we’ll send your order to Measure Up’s factory in Tennessee, where they’ve been making high-quality custom shirts by hand for more than 20 years.

You’ll have it back in about four weeks, at which point you can expect comments about your trimmer figure (or your exceptional personal style, at least).

Come see our Measure Up options at Christopher James Menswear today. Your perfect shirt awaits.

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