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Excellent Gifts for Father’s Day

Every year, the third Sunday of June is a special day for a special category of people – fathers. This is the day to honor and show appreciation for fathers and father figures. Father’s Day, as it is known, is a day you should focus on spoiling your dad, father-in-law or grandfather with meaningful goodies. Speaking of goodies, there are plenty of excellent gifts to choose from. We have some suggestions for you that we are sure your father will certainly love! Take a look:

Sportswear from Robert Talbott

You’ll be spoiled for choice here as there is a huge selection of cool wear for men, from sports shirts in both classic fit and tailored/trim fit  to polos and sports coats. You can also choose between woven shirts, knit shirts and soft coats, depending on what your father fancies.







Another piece of garment that will show your lovely intentions is a necktie. This long piece of cloth has long been the classic Father’s Day gift, and this year doesn’t have to be an exception. You can get Best of Class ties, Estate ties, Sevenfold ties, Protocol ties, bow ties, etc. Just to give you heads up, these ties are by Robert Talbott, who makes some of the best of the best ties.



Shoes from Trask

They say that a lot can be said about a man’s character simply by looking at his pair of shoes. You definitely want your father to make a great impression, don’t you? Trask has got the crème dela crème of the trendiest shoes on the market right now.

Besides coming in different fashionable styles, the shoes at Trask come in different colors, including brown, black, blue, grey, camel, white and tan. Get your papa a pair and he’ll sure find a good pair of pants to match it.

Shaving Products from Art of Shaving

It goes without saying that personal grooming is important, so it would be very thoughtful of you if you bought some shaving products for your old man. Art of Shaving is your one-stop-shop for everything that has to do with grooming, from shaving kits and razors to brushes and other grooming products, you’ll find them all!

All these gift ideas are not only going to be excellent gifts for Father’s Day, but they will also make every other day special. What’s more is that you don’t have to break a bank to afford these gifts as they are reasonably priced.

And – don’t forget the gift where size doesn’t matter and goes with everything – the Christopher James Gift Card.  Please call 260-436-4788 if you would like to purchase a gift card. Or order it online.