I Can’t Even: The Best Adulting Menswear Essentials from Christopher James — Part 2

Depending on your job, the disheveled look can only carry you so far. A polished appearance complete with well-fitting clothing can do amazing things for one’s confidence. Read on for reliable and effective tips in Part 2 of Christopher James Adulting Menswear Essentials: 

In our last installment, we talked about suits, ties, dress shirts, the necessity of a belt and appropriate jeans. Next on the list are sweaters.


Sweaters. A lightweight sweater from Christopher James is a great transitional piece from season to season. You can wear a sweater from Peter Millar or Robert Graham with a button down shirt, with or without a tie, under a sport or suit jacket or with an open collared button down and coordinating solid T-shirt peeking out underneath. Throw on a sport coat and jeans and your not-too-casual-oh-this-old-thing look will yield many approving looks. 

Jeans aside, another wardrobe essential is a neat pair of trousers, be they dress pants or casual chinos. Options from Samuelsohn or Bill’s Khakis are incredibly comfortable, versatile and lightweight. 

Shoes. Your feet will thank you a million times over for investing in a few pairs of high-quality shoes. Start with a pair of dress shoes and a pair that checks the casual box so that you have a few styles to rotate through. At Christopher James, we carry both looks from Trask and J&M 1900 and can offer suggestions for how to pull off completing your outfit in shoes that aren’t black. 

Underpants. Why are these in the list? Because we care. Taking care of yourself and maintaining a good grooming schedule also includes considering the first layer of clothing on your body. Throw out your torn and stretched underwear. You deserve the best! Who wants to wear a great outfit with overstretched underwear that bunches in all of the wrong places? Get some Saxx underwear.

Come and adult with us at Christopher James today!


Find Your Best Airport Style at Christopher James

Tis the season for vacation travel, relaxation and family time. Much the way you consider the contents of your vacation luggage, it’s worth taking the time to come up with a few comfortable and versatile options for you to wear during your plane trips to and from your destination. Here are some suggestions from the team at Christopher James before you squeeze in your last trip this summer:

Don’t underestimate the importance of high-quality underwear: You’re going to walk a lot, sit, bend down, stretch and maybe even run while en route to your vacation. Saxx underwear provides a good foundation for comfort and ease.

The reality of travel is that it can take long, involve a lot of walking and moving from cool airport lounges to boarding lines packed with a lot of body heat. A Peter Millar Performance Shirt is ideal for the golf course, but it works perfectly for travel days ahead. The moisture-wicking shirts will keep you cool while you’re walking from one end of the airport to the other. The softness and comfortable fit will make you say, “Flight delay? No sweat!”

Make sure you keep your feet comfortable, too, in a stylishly walkable pair of refined kicks from On. You’ll be ON and cushy while walking to your flight terminal in trendy On shoes.

Versatility: Emanuel Berg offers casual styles that can be left untucked and look great with soft 34 Heritage jeans. You’ll look great even after your delayed flight or waiting an extra hour for your luggage to arrive. You won’t be late for a quick nightcap in this outfit. Throw on a sport coat and call it a day.

Safe travels this summer season from Christopher James. See you soon.


10 Holiday Gift Ideas For the Well-Dressed Man


Still shopping for a gift for that well-dressed man in your life? Perhaps you haven’t found a present yet because, well, let’s admit it–he’s hard to shop for. But do not despair – here are our top 10 holiday gift ideas that even the pickiest guy will love.

Everything is available right here at Christopher James Menswear, and we offer complimentary gift wrapping so all you’ll have to do is place the gift under the tree.

1. Pair of cashmere socks


Because fine socks are the foundation of good style. Cashmere blend socks by Punto ($39.50)

2. Smart sweater and sport shirt combo


Real (well-dressed) men wear purple. Cashmere sweater by Kinross ($450), Robert Talbott hidden-button-down sport shirt ($228).

3. Plush fleece pullover


Because he’s got style even when he’s dressed down. Add a colorful, hand-woven scarf for a dash of color. Fleece pullover by True Grit ($135), scarf ($235).

4. Shearling overcoat


A worthwhile investment for the guy who always dresses up, even in a blizzard. Shearling overcoat by Aston ($1,895-$2,095)

5. Wintertime office attire


He’ll feel festive and professional. Sport shirt ($119), beanie ($59), and woven sock tie ($95), all by Barbour

6. Cozy puffer vest


The newest, most earth-friendly way to stay stylish and warm. Puffer vest in blue fog by Save the Duck ($218)

7. A little something sweet for his stocking

virginia diner sweets

Refined taste in clothing = a sophisticated taste in sweets. Salted peanuts and cashews, chocolate-covered peanuts, and peanut brittle, all by Virginia Diner ($18-$27.50)

8. Accessories he’ll actually wear

trask cufflinks and wallets

It’s not the size of the gift that matters. A pair of sterling silver cufflinks and a beautiful leather wallet will surely impress him. Cufflinks and wallets by Trask ($65-$125).

9. An elegant timepiece



A nice shirt looks even better with a fine watch. Daniel Wellington watches are sophisticated yet understated; making them a practical gift he can wear every day. Daniel Wellington watches ($200-$250)

10. Pamper him in a manly way


Grooming products all with dude-approved scents, perfect for adding a touch of luxury to his morning routine. Travel kits are perfect for guys on the go. Products shown are from the Art of Shaving, SAXX, Royall Lyme, and Wurkin Stiffs. Prices vary.

Get’s the World’s Best Underwear Right Here in Fort Wayne at Christopher James Menswear

A few month’s back Men’s Health wrote a feature on SAXX Underwear, a line we carry right here at Christopher James Menswear. We have long thought SAXX is the best underwear in the world–“this product is awesome,” proclaims CJM owner Chris Lambert–so it’s nice to see it getting the national recognition it deserves.

If you didn’t see the Men’s Health article, here it is:

Don’t spend anymore time in your itchy, bunchy, terrible britches, guys. That’s just no way to live. Come into Christopher James Menswear and buy some SAXX today. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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