Meet Best “Smelling” Author Tony Wittwer Today at Christopher James


Join us today for our Royall Lyme Reader Event, from 3-7 p.m., as local author Tony Wittwer talks about his new book, “Jonah’s Belly.”

The novel was inspired by Wittwer’s own experience of living in the wooded hills in Brown County, Indiana, where he spent one year, on a sabbatical of sorts. The lush hillsides inspired the mystical, magical hill that is the center and namesake of the novel, Jonah’s Belly. Here’s the description from the back cover of the book:

Thriller, love story, and supernatural tale, Jonah’s Belly is an intricately woven tapestry of tender and terrible things.

Strange things are happening on the hill called Jonah’s Belly. A tall circle of weathered stone pillars stands on top of the hill. The circle of stones is ancient, crumbling, and holy—a small and hidden Stonehenge, slumbering in the mist-covered woods. An old magic has begun flowing from the stone circle and spilling down Jonah’s Belly. The magic touches those living near the hill, drawing together ordinary people and extraordinary beings as events and dark forces begin to collide.

In an interesting twist, a bottle of lime-scented cologne–inspired by a childhood memory Wittwer had of “Royall Lyme,”–plays a central role in the novel. A few weeks ago, Wittwer sent a thank you note to Royall Lyme. “As both a ‘thanks’ and a gift, I sent a copy of the book to the company, along with a note about my memories of the cologne and the scent’s inclusion in the novel,” Wittwer explains. “The Royall Lyme company not only appreciated the gift, they also decided to ‘have some fun with it.'”

And by “fun” Wittwer means a full-on PR campaign, with promotional events, email blasts, and announcements on Royall Lyme’s website and social media outlets.

Lucky for Fort Wayne, one of those events is happening right here at Christopher James Menswear. Hear Wittwer read from his novel, ask him some questions, and then maybe shop a little bit (you’ll get a free gift bag with any Royall Lyme purchase).

So come in and see us: today, August 7 from 3-7 p.m. You won’t want to miss this!

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