A Good Time: Jonah’s Belly “Royall Lyme Reader” event at Christopher James

Thanks for attending – here’s a follow up from Tony


As promised, here are a few of the photos from Thursday’s event.  If you’d like more, I only have approx. 127 additional shots to choose from (unfortunately, I look the same in almost all of them).

Again, Chris, I cannot thank you enough for the gracious and generous favor that you did for me.  It was a terrific event, and it was made possible because of you and your support.  The store was beautiful, the displays were attractive, the signing area was perfect, and you, Sherill, and Max couldn’t have been kinder  (and also, let’s not forget, the selection of delectable cheese cubes was delicious!).

Thank you, so very much.

Take care.


Jonah's_Belly_Signing_13 Jonah's_Belly_Signing Book_Signing_12-1 Jonah's_Belly_Signing_5 Jonah's_Belly_Signing_8 Jonah's_Belly_Signing_3

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