The Coolest Gift to Give Dad This Father’s Day

Sovaro cooler on deck with meat and cheese tray

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Does your dad like nice things? Does he put a little extra consideration into an item’s aesthetic before he buys it? Will he happily pay a little extra for high-quality design?

If so, we have the perfect Father’s Day gift for him.

Let us present the Cadillac of coolers: Sovaro.

A Sovaro cooler is sleek, luxurious and features high-tech specs designed to impress and keep contents cool. Dad can use it to pack a case of craft beer for a weekend getaway, or to keep his favorite bourbon chilled while relaxing in the backyard.

Sovaro Cooler

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Inside of Sovaro cooler white

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A Sovaro cooler is easy on the eyes too, so it makes for a great display piece. And while friends are admiring it, dad can (humbly) boast about its high-tech design.


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The Sovaro cooler is available in several sizes (30qt, 45qt, 70qt) and colors (white or black, with chrome or brushed silver accents).

Prices vary depending on size and customization.

Christopher James Menswear is Fort Wayne’s only source for Sovaro coolers, so come into the store today and order one.