Fashion Clues from Timeless Icons

Fort Wayne Fashion Tips from Famous Icons

Styles for men are increasingly more casual, but that doesn’t mean your closet should be devoid of several essential timeless pieces that have graced the bodies of fashion icons throughout the years. All it takes is a few items to give you a classic, effortless and smart look. Read on and then we’ll see you in Christopher James soon. You’re welcome: George Clooney


a portrait of a man


Talk about aging gracefully — and handsomely. Clooney is among a crop of actors who might be an oldie, but is always a goodie. And he seems to get better with age, according to the ladies. He’s evolved his style from his TV sitcom days when he sported the disheveled look many young actors find to be de rigueur. But he’s aged to be a lovely man with more gray and crow’s feet, but always donning a well-coiffed haircut, a sport coat and shirt, or a neat shirt and slacks. He’s the essential gentleman. 

George Clooney’s timeless item to have in your wardrobe: A Hickey Freeman or Coppley  smart sport coat or two in varying weights. It never hurts to have a tie or two in your closet as well. A Robert Talbott tie will do the trick.  


Miles Davis

Saxophonist Sonny Rollins once said that Miles Davis was the “complete package.” He was often spotted in three-piece Brooks Brothers suits. A slim gentleman, he preferred to forego padding in the shoulders and a breast pocket. There are iconic photos of him not only in suits, but also in smart cashmere sweaters, slim-cut khakis and a narrow scarf tied stylishly tied around his neck instead of a necktie. 

MIles Davis’ timeless item to have in your wardrobe: Flat-front slim fitting neat khakis from Bill’s Khakis or Peter Millar. Dress them up or dress them down. 


Jack Kennedy

The epitome of preppy, Jack Kennedy opted for two-button tailored suits and Brooks Brothers shirts and ties. Sure, photographers snapped him casually playing football or sailing off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard in summer whites and collared shirts. But that’s as casual as it got. Jack Kennedy’s trip to the presidency saw him keep up his timeless style with his equally elegant wife Jackie at his side. 

Jack Kennedy’s timeless item to have in your wardrobe: A slim fitting tweed or wool sport coat from Coppley or Byron.   


Sam Shepard 

The playwright Sam Shepard has always sported a rugged look. Perhaps the opposite of Jack-Kennedy preppy, he was as relatable as the person shopping in the next aisle at the grocery store. His style was comfortable, a bit disheveled and meant to move with his mind — always working toward the next play, the next piece. 

Sam Shepard’s timeless item to have in your wardrobe: Comfortable jeans from Paige, 34 Heritage, Agave or Alberto

We’ll see you at Christopher James soon where we’ll help you dress like the star that we know you are. 

I Can’t Even: The Best Adulting Menswear Essentials from Christopher James — Part 1

At Christopher James in Fort Wayne, we recognize that the millennial generation values teamwork, the fulfillment of feeling like you belong to something larger than yourself and opportunities for learning and advancement. Adulting and playing the part involves dressing comfortably, confidently and appropriately. Make sure you have these essentials in your wardrobe on your road to success — and watch your investment dollars stretch in high-quality items: 

A well-fitting suit. A Canali, Hickey Freeman or Copply suit in a mid-weight fabric can take you from mild temperatures to the bitter cold with the help of a few layers. An off-the-rack sport coat is no substitute for a tailored suit that fits you perfectly in all the right places and looks like it was made for you. Talk to the team at Christopher James about the right fit and style for you. 

One of the best parts of investing in a suit is its versatility. Use the slacks with a dress shirt and sweater and skip the jacket. Or pair the jacket with more casual trousers, a button-down shirt and refined sneakers. 

Ties. The Christopher James team will help you pick out a tie or two from Robert Talbott to dress up your outfit or give you the courage to get a wild hair and step out with a bold pattern. A snazzy tie can add the perfect punch or give you the missing amount of polish your outfit needs. 

Dress shirts. Eton, Stenstrom’s or Emanuel Berg dress shirts are worth the investment. Let the staff at Christopher James share suggestions for matching dress shirts with ties. Consider purchasing a more subdued neutral solid-colored shirt and patterned one that will go with your suit. 


Leather belt. Keep your pants up. Need we say more? 


Jeans. Save the severely faded and torn jeans for the weekend. Jeans from 34 Heritage are classy and well-fitting enough to go with a sweater and button-down shirt or an untucked shirt from Peter Millar or Johnnie-O 

Stay tuned for part two of our adulting clothing essentials! In the meantime, see you at Christopher James.


Accessories You Can’t Do Without This Spring

How to Accessorize your Wardrobe in Fort Wayne

Gentlemen, don’t overlook new accessories to add to your spring wardrobe this season in Fort Wayne. Whether it’s a pop of color, something new to cinch your waist or a little something out of the ordinary around your neck to complete your look, count on the expert staff at Christopher James to share their expertise on the additions to invest in this spring:

Pocket squares: The smallest details can make the biggest impact. Don’t underestimate the power of the pocket square. Not to be confused with a handkerchief, a colorfully bold pocket square tucked into your jacket breast pocket is all for show and will help you show well. The colors are rich this season — think vibrant blues, red, coral, purple, pink, yellow and orange. Check out our picks from Carrot and Gibbs, Edward Armah and Robert Talbott.

Belts: It’s always helpful to have a smart, sophisticated classic belt in buttery leather from Trafalgar or W. Kleinberg. No need to match your belt to shoes. Instead, choose a complementary color. Play it safe and steer clear of picking a belt in a contrasting color against a dark background.

Underclothes: Who thought underwear could be life changing? You’ll be a believer, too, when you try out Saxx underwear for yourself. They’re well worth the investment. You can choose the material and fit that’s right for you.

Refined sneakers: The brands are many, the colors are endless, the styles are smart and the concept is most welcome. Sneakers you can wear to work! Who knew? With selections from Wolverine and Peter Millar, you’ll have many to choose from.

Stop in to our Ft Wayne Store soon and the Christopher James staff will help you accessorize!


Fort Wayne Father’s Day Gift HQ

Excellent Gifts for Father’s Day

Every year, the third Sunday of June is a special day for a special category of people – fathers. This is the day to honor and show appreciation for fathers and father figures. Father’s Day, as it is known, is a day you should focus on spoiling your dad, father-in-law or grandfather with meaningful goodies. Speaking of goodies, there are plenty of excellent gifts to choose from. We have some suggestions for you that we are sure your father will certainly love! Take a look:

Sportswear from Robert Talbott

You’ll be spoiled for choice here as there is a huge selection of cool wear for men, from sports shirts in both classic fit and tailored/trim fit  to polos and sports coats. You can also choose between woven shirts, knit shirts and soft coats, depending on what your father fancies.







Another piece of garment that will show your lovely intentions is a necktie. This long piece of cloth has long been the classic Father’s Day gift, and this year doesn’t have to be an exception. You can get Best of Class ties, Estate ties, Sevenfold ties, Protocol ties, bow ties, etc. Just to give you heads up, these ties are by Robert Talbott, who makes some of the best of the best ties.



Shoes from Trask

They say that a lot can be said about a man’s character simply by looking at his pair of shoes. You definitely want your father to make a great impression, don’t you? Trask has got the crème dela crème of the trendiest shoes on the market right now.

Besides coming in different fashionable styles, the shoes at Trask come in different colors, including brown, black, blue, grey, camel, white and tan. Get your papa a pair and he’ll sure find a good pair of pants to match it.

Shaving Products from Art of Shaving

It goes without saying that personal grooming is important, so it would be very thoughtful of you if you bought some shaving products for your old man. Art of Shaving is your one-stop-shop for everything that has to do with grooming, from shaving kits and razors to brushes and other grooming products, you’ll find them all!

All these gift ideas are not only going to be excellent gifts for Father’s Day, but they will also make every other day special. What’s more is that you don’t have to break a bank to afford these gifts as they are reasonably priced.

And – don’t forget the gift where size doesn’t matter and goes with everything – the Christopher James Gift Card.  Please call 260-436-4788 if you would like to purchase a gift card. Or order it online.

Robert Talbott Shop Opening in Ft. Wayne



Monterey, CA, June 6, 2017 – Robert Talbott announced today that it will celebrate the launch of its shop-in-shop retail concept at Christopher James Menswear in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with a grand opening event on Tuesday, June 13, 2017. The concept was created to partner with leading menswear retailers across the country, and provide luxury consumers with an authentic Robert Talbott shopping experience. The shop is the sixth to open since Robert Talbott launched the concept in April 2014.

Christopher James’ new shop is designed to effectively merchandise the collection, and offer the breadth of programs from Robert Talbott; including Seasonal, In-Stock, and Made to Measure (MTM). The new space reflects the unique environment of the Monterey Peninsula, through rich imagery and materials from the California coastline, and impeccable product designed to support a layered lifestyle. The shop houses an extensive assortment from Spring/Summer 2017, including sportswear, tailored clothing, dress shirts and the brand’s world-renowned neckwear.

“We are very pleased to partner with Christopher James, who shares a long history of premium quality and personalized customer service. They have been an excellent representation of our brand in the Midwest, and we are very proud to announce our formal relationship,” said Bobby Corliss, SVP of Sales for Robert Talbott, Inc. “We look forward to sharing our comprehensive collection and a bit of the west coast lifestyle with the greater Fort Wayne community for years to come.”

To celebrate the launch, Robert Talbott and Christopher James will host a cocktail reception from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on June 13th at the store on 6410 West Jefferson Blvd. The event will be fueled by a motorsports theme, featuring Robert Talbott’s Formula Atlantic race car, and driver / CEO Bob Corliss. Attendees will have the opportunity to view the latest collection, experience Robert Talbott Motorsports, and have a chance to win tickets to the Brickyard Vintage Racing Invitational, taking place the weekend of June 16th – 18th at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  CLICK FOR DETAILS >>

“We are dedicated to learning the style and quality demands of our Fort Wayne customers. It is our belief the relaxed, contemporary and most importantly, authentic Monterey style of our new Robert Talbott Collection, will become a mainstay of well-dressed Fort Wayne gentlemen for years to come,” says Chris Lambert, Owner of Christopher James.

The shop-in-shop concept has successfully been launched in five other menswear retailers throughout the country, including Avant for Men in Highland Park, Illinois, Hubert White in Minneapolis, The Ascot Shop in La Jolla, California, The Hound Clothiers in San Francisco, and M. Dumas & Sons, Charleston, South Carolina.

About Robert Talbott, Inc. (
Founded in 1950, Robert Talbott, Inc. is an authentic American luxury lifestyle company based in Monterey, California. Since the beginning, Robert Talbott has been known to be more than designers of fine clothing. They are creators. They search the globe for the finest materials available, and put them together with exceptional patterns and exacting precision. As a true purveyor of refined apparel and accessories, the collection is available at menswear specialty stores throughout the U.S. and Canada.

About Christopher James (www.
Christopher James has been an integral part of the Fort Wayne, Indiana community. The store’s commitment to quality clothing, personal service and meticulous tailoring has been recognized by Fort Wayne newspapers with numerous Reader’s Choice awards, and the store’s venerable master tailor, Vincent Speciale being awarded a special day of recognition by Fort Wayne’s mayor.


10 Holiday Gift Ideas For the Well-Dressed Man


Still shopping for a gift for that well-dressed man in your life? Perhaps you haven’t found a present yet because, well, let’s admit it–he’s hard to shop for. But do not despair – here are our top 10 holiday gift ideas that even the pickiest guy will love.

Everything is available right here at Christopher James Menswear, and we offer complimentary gift wrapping so all you’ll have to do is place the gift under the tree.

1. Pair of cashmere socks


Because fine socks are the foundation of good style. Cashmere blend socks by Punto ($39.50)

2. Smart sweater and sport shirt combo


Real (well-dressed) men wear purple. Cashmere sweater by Kinross ($450), Robert Talbott hidden-button-down sport shirt ($228).

3. Plush fleece pullover


Because he’s got style even when he’s dressed down. Add a colorful, hand-woven scarf for a dash of color. Fleece pullover by True Grit ($135), scarf ($235).

4. Shearling overcoat


A worthwhile investment for the guy who always dresses up, even in a blizzard. Shearling overcoat by Aston ($1,895-$2,095)

5. Wintertime office attire


He’ll feel festive and professional. Sport shirt ($119), beanie ($59), and woven sock tie ($95), all by Barbour

6. Cozy puffer vest


The newest, most earth-friendly way to stay stylish and warm. Puffer vest in blue fog by Save the Duck ($218)

7. A little something sweet for his stocking

virginia diner sweets

Refined taste in clothing = a sophisticated taste in sweets. Salted peanuts and cashews, chocolate-covered peanuts, and peanut brittle, all by Virginia Diner ($18-$27.50)

8. Accessories he’ll actually wear

trask cufflinks and wallets

It’s not the size of the gift that matters. A pair of sterling silver cufflinks and a beautiful leather wallet will surely impress him. Cufflinks and wallets by Trask ($65-$125).

9. An elegant timepiece



A nice shirt looks even better with a fine watch. Daniel Wellington watches are sophisticated yet understated; making them a practical gift he can wear every day. Daniel Wellington watches ($200-$250)

10. Pamper him in a manly way


Grooming products all with dude-approved scents, perfect for adding a touch of luxury to his morning routine. Travel kits are perfect for guys on the go. Products shown are from the Art of Shaving, SAXX, Royall Lyme, and Wurkin Stiffs. Prices vary.