Robert Graham Celebrates an Anniversary with New Collection, available in Fort Wayne!

When it was time to celebrate the tenth anniversary of his brand designer and creator Robert Stock knew that he had to do something special; something that would truly showcase his sense of fashion, and allow men to show off their true style. And so, he created the Robert Graham X collection.


The X collection is in keeping with the true luxury style that RG designs are known for, and 40 intricately-designed shirts are included. Each of these designs is taken from one of RG’s most popular patterns from the past ten years, and is re-created within this collection to celebrate the best of the past decade. To set these shirts apart even further from any other design, RG or otherwise, inside the collar and on the placket of the cuff you’ll find an embroidered “X” to showcase the fact that the shirt is from the anniversary collection.

There is truly nothing like wearing RG designs, and simply donning this brand of designer menswear sets you apart as someone who cares to wear only the best. But when you want to take the exclusivity factor a little further, you need to wear the X anniversary collection.