When a Suit Means a Second Chance

Suit, vest, shirt and necktie on a hanger.

What if a suit could change a man’s life?

For most Christopher James Menswear customers, a suit is just another part of the workday. It’s forgotten about moments after it’s put on, and happily returned to the closet once the workday is over.

But for many men, a suit means more than most of us could ever imagine. For these men, a clean suit is the difference between entering the workforce and struggling to get by. It means self-sufficiency, financial stability and being able to provide for his family.

Indeed, a suit can change a man’s life. And Career Gear, a non-profit organization that we greatly admire, has been working to change lives one suit at a time.

Career Gear helps economically disadvantaged men get and keep jobs by providing them with tools to improve employability. Tools include business-appropriate attire and image consulting, interview preparation, job search techniques, job training, financial literacy, life-skills workshops and mentoring programs.

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To support this important cause, we are helping Würkin Stiffs, the maker of those genius collar stays, raise money for Career Gear.

To do this, we are selling the Würkin Stiffs Career Gear Kit, an awesome bag full of stuff you’ll actually want. For just $35 you get:

  • One packet of Würkin Stiffs Power Stays
  • Urth Skin Solutions Face Wash
  • Urth Skin Solutions Face Scrub
  • Urth Skin Solutions Face Balm
  • A Tightwäd (an ultra thin wallet by Würkin Stiffs)
  • A Career Gear temporary tattoo (for use in a Career Gear social media campaign)

You also get the nice navy and white nylon Döppel bag that all this comes in. It’s perfect for packing toiletries on a business trip or keeping that area underneath the bathroom sink a little more organized.


By purchasing this kit for only $35 (a $75 value), you will help men across the U.S. get and keep jobs. 50% of the proceeds will go directly to Career Gear.

Help a man make the most of his second chance by purchasing the Wurkin Stiffs Career Gear Kit today. You can pick one up right here in our store, located here.

Want to get more involved?

You can also donate directly to Career Gear:

  • $2,000: Allows one man to receive the full range of Career Gear’s services from job seeking to job retention for an entire year.
  • $1,000: Provides one man access to our Professional Development Series Program offering classes on financial literacy, employment, parenting and work/life balance.
  • $450: Enables one man seeking employment to rebuild his future with business attire and interview counseling.
  • $100: Funds a one-on-one meeting and healthy meal with a mentor.
  • $50: Buys a pair of shoes and socks for a man going on job interviews.

Donate online at www.careergear.org or mail your donation, payable to Career Gear, Inc. to 1 Beekman St., Ste. 301, New York, NY 10038

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