Find Your Best Airport Style at Christopher James

Tis the season for vacation travel, relaxation and family time. Much the way you consider the contents of your vacation luggage, it’s worth taking the time to come up with a few comfortable and versatile options for you to wear during your plane trips to and from your destination. Here are some suggestions from the team at Christopher James before you squeeze in your last trip this summer:

Don’t underestimate the importance of high-quality underwear: You’re going to walk a lot, sit, bend down, stretch and maybe even run while en route to your vacation. Saxx underwear provides a good foundation for comfort and ease.

The reality of travel is that it can take long, involve a lot of walking and moving from cool airport lounges to boarding lines packed with a lot of body heat. A Peter Millar Performance Shirt is ideal for the golf course, but it works perfectly for travel days ahead. The moisture-wicking shirts will keep you cool while you’re walking from one end of the airport to the other. The softness and comfortable fit will make you say, “Flight delay? No sweat!”

Make sure you keep your feet comfortable, too, in a stylishly walkable pair of refined kicks from On. You’ll be ON and cushy while walking to your flight terminal in trendy On shoes.

Versatility: Emanuel Berg offers casual styles that can be left untucked and look great with soft 34 Heritage jeans. You’ll look great even after your delayed flight or waiting an extra hour for your luggage to arrive. You won’t be late for a quick nightcap in this outfit. Throw on a sport coat and call it a day.

Safe travels this summer season from Christopher James. See you soon.


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