Your New Favorite Shirt Brand: Stenströms

Your New Favorite Shirt Brand: Stenströms


Nice shirts at an affordable price are hard to find. That’s why Strenströms, a highly respected brand of dress and sport shirts, is a treasure. The shirts are great, and they’ll fit your frame as well as your wallet. We just got Strenströms shirts in here at Christopher James in Fort Wayne, and we’re excited to share them with you.

Strenströms is a Swedish company admired around the world by men of all types, job titles, and lifestyles. The one thing all Strenströms customers have in common, however, is their preference for high-quality, classic shirts. Strenströms shirts are sewn mostly by hand, made from fine fabrics and have a timeless, elegant aesthetic.

In fact, Stenströms is so good at making clothing that they were tapped to provide garments to the Royal Court of Sweden. According to Stenströms’ website, this honor entitles them to use the phrase, “By appointment to H.M. the King of Sweden.”

So, if Strenströms is fit for a king, it’s obviously fit for you, too. Obviously.

Come get a few of these great shirts today. We are confident you’ll love them as much as we do. We’re located here.  See you soon.

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