A Special Message from Christopher James Menswear

I never imagined having to write an e mail like this. They didn’t teach us how to handle pandemics at “suit school.” Nonetheless, we find ourselves in a situation that needs addressing. Our customers’ and associates’ safety is our number one priority and with that in mind effective Saturday, March 21 at 5:00 pm we will discontinue our regular store hours until further notice. I live 7 minutes from the store and the store will still be receiving mail and some shipments so I plan on coming to the store from 12 to 3 pm Monday through Saturday. If you have any needs, alteration pick ups, etc. I will be here to assist you. In addition, I am available for individual appointments at the store or in your home or office and am happy to work with you via Skype or send photos via text messaging. I can be reached on my cell at 260-413-0794 or via e mail at Chris@CJMenswear.com I’m hoping my limited presence will still allow your needs to be met while allowing for needed safety precautions for all.

I apologize for this disruption but for many reasons feel it is the right thing to do.

I have received some very touching e mails and in store visits from friends who have asked how can they help as they want to support us during this difficult period. You will never know how much those gestures have meant to me, my family and the staff at the store.


If you are interested, we are offering you an opportunity to purchase gift cards and as a small thank you we will discount the purchase price by 10%. A $100.00 gift card will cost you $90.00; $500.00 gift card will cost you $450.00;  $1000.00 gift card will cost you $900.00. You get the idea. To Order GO HERE and Use Code: SHOPLOCAL at checkout to get the 10% discount .  These tough days will pass and you will have plenty of time to take advantage of your gift card for Father’s Day gifts, a new outfit for yourself, or even to apply to a cool pair of Edward Armah socks…

Even if you pass on buying a gift card from me please consider those less fortunate and make a donation to a local food bank or a different local charity. Those folks need our help now more than ever. In addition, if you do so remind me that you did the next time you are in the store and as a thank you I’ll give you a pair of Edward’s socks on me.

On behalf of my entire team we thank you for your continued support. As a locally owned family business we know that we all are being affected. We are in this together and we all will get thru this. Please stay safe and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Chris, Joel, Oleg, Sherill, Cathy, Vince, Jay, and Bob

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