Back to Work with Eton Shorts

Alright it’s time to rock and roll. Summer is coming to an end, Fall is right around the corner and you are no longer responsible spending so much energy figuring out what to do with the kids every day for those long hot months. School is starting for the kiddos and work is ramping up again.


Get in the flow this season with Eton shirts, always fresh and new to keep your closet anything but bland and your co-workers constantly asking where you get your shirts. You’ll be able to tell them you went to Christopher James Menswear where they carry Eton Shirts confidently (and with a little bit of pride.)

For new and seasoned Eton shirt wearers alike, you know that they never compromise their perfect fit, forward-thinking colors and ease of care (because after all, you still have the kids to focus on, let’s not get carried away here.)



Colors aside, Eton shirt patterns are never seen before and will compliment all your pants and jackets to make for the most versatile closet you’ve ever had. Careful, your wife might get jealous of your selection.

Check out what’s new from Eton and stop into Christopher James Menswear today to see our collection of Eton shirts.

Find us in Fort Wayne, Indiana and let us help you choose your next favorite shirts. We can’t wait to see you! 

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