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Circle of Gentlemen Doesn’t Mess With a Good Thing

Fashion is notoriously fickle. Most designers are locked in an endless race to create the next hottest trend, which, as a result, seem to change from one minute to the next. This is why it’s refreshing to find a brand that focuses on making a trusted, classic product that is high quality and timeless, rather than starting trends.

We are talking specifically about Circle of Gentlemen, which we proudly carry here at Christopher James Menswear in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Circle of Gentlemen is a Netherlands-based brand known for their superior European craftsmanship, high quality fabrics, and precision tailoring. Two friends “in pursuit of a simple goal” founded the brand in 2005. That goal was to create a three-button dress shirt that they themselves could actually wear.

It turned out not only would they wear their own creation, but men all around the world would too. Fort Wayne is one of the places on the globe that sports CoG, and CJM has the city’s best selection of CoG shirts.

For the Fall and Winter 2014 season, Circle of Gentlemen has infused a few deeper colors into its pallet, and added an understated sheen effect to many of its fabrics, creating a look that is both casual and dressy.

With Circle of Gentlemen, you won’t be left holding a stack of last season’s shirts a mere month after you bought them. Rather, you’ll be the guy who, no matter the time of year, effortlessly pulls a CoG button-down out of his closet and look on-point.

Stop into the store and see these amazing, classic pieces for yourself. Any one of them is sure to add timeless sophistication to every Fort Wayne man’s wardrobe.

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