Circle of Gentlemen Makes Luxury Shirts for Everyday Life

Circle of Gentlemen Makes Luxury Shirts for Everyday Life

In the regular world, the adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” makes perfect sense. But in the fashion world, such advice is dangerous. Because in a universe where innovation and creativity is prized, sticking with what works can be seen as complacency.

So, it’s in this trend-seeking world that Circle of Gentlemen, a Netherlands-based menswear brand known for it’s classic aesthetic, feels, ironically, like a bit of rebel.

“Circle of Gentlemen follows trends, but they don’t look to fill a void in fashion with some ridiculous looking style,” explains Chris Lambert, owner of Christopher James Menswear. “What they do is create luxury for a man’s everyday life. This means a really nice, on-point shirt that he can wear to work, on a date or a night out with friends.”

The brand’s knack for on-trend class is exemplified by their Fall and Winter 2015 collection of shirts, which we carry here at Christopher James Menswear. The color palette of the shirts is decidedly neutral, full of grays, whites and light blues, with a muted slate-lavender as a subtle undertone.


Circle of Gentlemen Shirts 1 Fort Wayne Indiana

Circle of Gentleman says their inspiration for the collection was “the hunting gent,” which denotes the earthly, natural colors of the outdoors. They also drew from what they termed the “Artic Shadow,” a combo palette that on one side, channels coal and steel, and the other, the white and blue hues of arctic glaciers.

Circle of Gentlemen Shirts Fort Wayne Indiana

Where Circle of Gentlemen really shows their affinity for trends is in their trim silhouettes. Though, it’s fair to wonder if the “slim” or “trim” fit feels more like a new trend to Americans than Europeans. Either way, the fit of Circle of Gentlemen shirts is modern in that they contour nicely to the body, but they’re not so form-fitting that they expose your nipps. They’re clean and classy, like they should be.

In sum, because Circle of Gentlemen brilliantly combines trends with timelessness, you won’t be left holding a stack of last season shirts a mere month after you buy them. Rather, you’ll be the guy who, no matter what time of year it is, pulls a CoG button-down from his closet that, even though it might be a year or so old, will look like you bought it yesterday.

Make a stylish and wise investment by getting yourself a few CoG shirts. We have them right here in the store, ready for you to try on. Come in today.

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