CODICE, Italy’s Finest Knitwear, is Right Here in Fort Wayne

When it comes to understated elegance, Italians are the exemplars of well-heeled gentlemen. They are known for their sartorial sophistication and ease, and though never flashy, they always stand out in a crowd. Christopher James Menswear wants the well-dressed men of Fort Wayne to possess this polished ease as well, which is why we carry CODICE (pronounced KO’-DI-CHE), an Italian line of mens sportswear and knits that are elegant, simple, and classic.

All CODICE products are made in the small village of Reggio Emilia, Italy, and are not available online. According to Schuyler 4 Ltd., the company that distributes CODICE to Europe, the U.S. and Canada, e-commerce is not in the cards for the brand. CODICE founder and designer Giorgio Filippi told that “Retailers will ask me, ‘Do you sell online? Do any major retailers sell your products online? The answer is NO and NO. And their reply is ‘Good.’”

The new CODICE fall items are out now, which Filippi describes as “window stoppers,” which means pieces that stop you in your tracks because of their uniqueness, elegance, and freshness. See more of the CODICE Fall/Winter 2014 collection in the video below:

Also, if you notice in the video, Mr. Filippi says this season’s knits are designed to go perfectly with ALBERTO pants. Well, guess what? We have ALBERTO pants too. See our blog post about it here.

Come see our selection of this season’s CODICE apparel. You really can’t get it anywhere else. (Just note that when you wear it, it’s not out of the realm of possibility for strangers to start speaking to you in Italian…yes, it looks that good.)

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