Which Width is Which? The Most Common Neck Tie Widths

assorted colorful ties

Just like color and fabric, the width of your tie can change your entire look. Here’s the skinny on the most common tie widths, from thinnest to widest.

2 IN

The narrowest of ties. The 2-inch is for truly fashion-forward gents. Less tie = more statement.

2.5 IN

2.5 inch is the classic skinny tie. It’s a favorite of GQ and looks best with slim suits or trim lapels.

3 IN

Not too skinny, not too wide…juuust right…If you’re a modest guy who wants to try something a tad more modern, go with the 3 inch.

3.25 – 3.5 IN

Wide ties are a very traditional look. They’re also good for bigger guys, or guys with very broad shoulders.

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