What’s New with Coppley for Spring 2015

This season, we are loving what Coppley has to offer to our dapper (and aspiring-dapper!) clientele. Their fabrics are lighter and the colors are more natural, the silhouettes are clean and the quality, like always, is top notch.

More Natural Colors
2015 is all about earthier, more grounded tones, and Coppley has adeptly executed this trend. They’ve creatively combined grey, blue and tan with emerald green, indigo blue, ochre and plum.

Coppley Spring 2015

Grey and blue jacket and shirt

Lighter Fabrics
Spring is all about ditching your heavy wool suits and sport coats for lighter, more breathable ones. So, Coppley blended fine summer-weight merino wool with linen and silk, both natural fabrics that keep you warm but don’t retain moisture.

Their suits and pants in fine twill or soft plain weave, and jackets in open textured weaves lend a casual elegance to those warm summer evenings. Meanwhile, their softly constructed unlined jackets provide a distinctive lightness that is ideal for every summer occasion.

Coppley Spring 2015

As always, Coppley offers 450 select fabrics, so you are guaranteed to find a fabric you love.

Speedy Delivery
As always, Coppley will turn around your suit or garment in record time, without compromising on quality. They have expert tailors and craftsman working to ensure you get a garment that meets your high standards.

Come see for yourself what Coppley is offering this season at Christopher James Menswear in Fort Wayne.

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