Donald Pliner Makes the Perfect Shoe

We’ve said before that we have an outstanding shoe selection here at Christopher James Menswear in Fort Wayne. And it bears repeating because, well, we are proud of it. One brand that makes our selection a cut above the rest is Donald Pliner, who has mastered the art making a shoe that is fashionable and comfortable without looking like a Croc. DP shoes exemplify the successful and savvy man who always looks dapper, whether he’s on white sandy beach in Miami or at rooftop cocktail party in New York City.

The brand’s founder and designer, Donald J. Pliner has a lifetime of shoe-making cred, as the son of shoe store owners, and then as an entrepreneur with his very own retail store at just 24 years old (head nod to all the young guns out there). He worked for various shoe designers throughout his career, before devoting himself 100% to Donald Pliner Shoes.

As mentioned earlier, the brilliance of Donald Pliner shoes lies in their ability to be equal parts fashionable and functional. Because this is a hard line to walk, most shoes that claim to be both are, in reality, a little more functional than they are fashionable (*cough* “ugly” *cough*). But DP shoes always look on point, from leather dress shoes to canvas slip ons. 

See for yourself with these photos of our current Donald Pliner selection:

Come try a few pairs on and experience the beauty  of Donald Pliner for yourself. Find us here.

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