Get in the Nude This Winter at Christopher James

We know how to get your attention around here. We don’t mean to literally get in the nude, but rather pair earthy and neutral tones together, which is a popular trend we at Christopher James are spying these days. 

We’re here for you if you think this look will take a little extra courage to pull off, but you *can* pull it off. Nix any views you have of beige being boring. Neutral tones are calming, infinitely mixable and versatile. Collect a few basics like a luxurious shirt and sweater from Stenstrom’s and either put them all together to take center stage or opt to pair them with more intensely colored separates later. Neutrals not only include brown, but also gray, black and white — all colors that are appropriate for any season or occasion. Check out the options from Stenstrom’s and you’ll be impressed.  

If you’re not ready to take the plunge and go monochromatic just yet, dip your toes in by pairing a neutral sweater or blazer over a colored button-down shirt. You’ll immediately notice how it tones down your look and polishes it off perfectly. Gradually introduce a second piece in a similar tone and put it together. Don’t forget about factoring your shoes into the mix. 

As one of our colleagues at Christopher James says, “When in doubt, tone it out!” Drop into Christopher James today and we’ll help you achieve a cool, neutral and minimal look today. See you soon! 

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