Get Your Perfect Shirt with Measure Up

A handsome dress shirt is three things: it fits like a glove, the fabric is high quality, and it sends the message you want, e.g. I’m powerful, I’m unique, or, if you wish, I’m ready to party.


This trifecta can be difficult—if not impossible—to achieve by buying any old thing from a department store. The best way to get the shirt you want is to have it made to measure by Measure Up, one of the top custom clothing makers in the world.


Lucky for you, we carry Measure Up right here at Christopher James Menswear.


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First, having a shirt custom made by Measure Up allows you to nail the fit because we take approximately 14 measurements to get the shape right. This is better than buying and tailoring a pre-made shirt because it’s actually harder to cut and re-sew a ready-made garment than it is to make one from scratch with the correct measurements.


Also with Measure Up, you get choose from nearly 400 fabrics, all of which are sourced from mills around the world. So be picky about hairline vs. bengal, pink vs. salmon, or two-button vs. two-button-cut—you can be with custom shirts.


And, Measure Up isn’t just focused on individuality. Quality is equally important. They pride themselves on hand-making each shirt, one at a time, in their Tennessee factory. They’ve been doing it for more than 20 years and are among the best custom shirt makers in the business.


Come check out Measure Up custom shirt options at Christopher James Menswear today. Your perfect shirt awaits.


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