How to Wear a Cardigan

A cardigan is a sign of a well-dressed and confident man. It is kind of a jacket, kind of a sweater, and its versatility can make your wardrobe more dynamic. It is so versatile in fact, that it can accompany you through all of Fort Wayne’s seasons and temperatures.

Cardigans come in a gajillion different fabrics, cuts, colors, and prints. But you can spot a cardigan based on the following characteristics: it is knitted, has a v-neck, buttons in the front, and (usually) has two small pockets on its lower front, one on either side.

Wool cardigans are perfect for fall and winter, and maybe a cool spring day. A gray wool cardigan with wood buttons is classic. A cashmere wool cardigan is another luxury winter staple. A thin knit, lightweight cotton makes for a perfect summer cardigan.

Fit is highly important, much like a suit jacket. But unlike a suit jacket, cardigans are flexible, so you can usually buy one off the rack with no adjustments needed. Just make sure it fits in the shoulders, tapers down through to the waist, and opens some at the abdomen. Also, make sure it covers your waistline or belt.

As mentioned, cardigans are extremely versatile. Which, on the one hand is a good thing (who doesn’t like versatility in fashion?), but on the other, it means there are endless choices and options, which can be daunting, to say the least. In general, a dress shirt and tie pair well for a work ensemble, while your favorite t-shirt is a great match for the weekend.

Ultimately, the best advice we have is to let your instincts guide you. Cardigans are supposed to be dynamic, so there isn’t a hard-and-fast rule on how it should be worn. Other than with your best foot forward, of course.

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