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Spring's Best Pant: Meyer

Meyer Hosen, an internationally renowned family-based company, has been designing and making men’s trousers for over 50 years. With the vast experience, the company knows all too well the requirements that a good pair of pants should have. The company uses different natural textile fibers for its outer fabrics, which make it easy for you to choose the most ideal pair for every season.

Cotton-made pants

During spring, the temperature in most areas is more pleasant, making cotton fabrics an ideal choice. In fact, clothes made from cotton fabrics are comfortable to wear in all four seasons. To ensure that you stay in style during the spring season, Meyer Hosen has put up a variety of cotton-made pants that are not only comfortable, but are also stylish and easy to care for.














Ceramica-made pants

Besides the pants made from cotton fabric, pants made from ceramica fabric in 5 pocket model are some of the trendiest and spring’s best pants. Meyer has made its pants in such a way that makes them highly versatile. This means that you can wear them with formal shirts at work during the day, and pair them with a sport coat for a night out and still look the part.

Besides being versatile, pants made from ceramica fabric are wrinkle resistant, shrink resistant, fade-resistant and breathable. What’s more is that this type of fabric is antibacterial, which means that with it? You have an excellent odor control option.

It’s also worth noting that Meyer Hosen has also ensured that you never run out of pockets to keep securely your valuables. You can choose from a wide selection of pants with a total of 5 convenient pockets.










Obviously, there are many five-pocket models on the market, but the ones from Meyer Hosen come with more distinctive features. This doesn’t only apply for denim pants, but also in other fabrics as well. It also helps greatly that Meyer Hosen features pants with a special kind of tailored stretching waistband that perfectly moves along with your body.


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