Two Must-Haves for Spring in Fort Wayne: Pocket Squares and Rounds

Spring is here (or on it’s way, at least) in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and thus it’s time to have a little more fun with accessories. Two hot accouterments this season are pocket squares and pocket rounds, both perfect for adding a little fun to your tux, suit jacket or sport coat.

What’s the difference between a pocket square and pocket round? Well, simply put, one is square and the other is round. (They don’t call me “Captain Obvious” for nothing.) The former puts a bit more of a traditional accent on your look, and the latter a slightly more casual, and social tone (but still refined–it is a jacket pocket accessory, after all).


For example, Robert Talbott has made some exquisite silk pocket squares for this season, all highly-detailed and colorful. Here are just a few:

Robert Talbott Spring 2014 Pocket Squares

Robert Talbott Spring 2014 Pocket Squares

For pocket rounds, CJM is currently loving those by Edward Armah. Edward Armah is a king in the world of menswear accessories, especially pocket accessories. The trim on these pocket rounds are fantastic:

edward amah pocket rounds

Edward Amah pocket rounds. The colors and detail are incredible.

A round will look a little less structured in your breast pocket than a square, hence the more casual look. Here’s a helpful You Tube video on how to fold a pocket round.

Both pocket squares and pocket rounds are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication and personality to your look. Plus, they’re just kinda fun, being that they come in an endless array of colors and patterns.

Finally, these accessories are just what a man in Fort Wayne needs to usher himself into the much awaited spring, and out of this seemingly forever winter. So come in and see us at Christopher James Menswear in Covington Plaza, in Fort Wayne, and will help you pick out the perfect pocket squares and rounds.

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