Robert Graham is Growing to Give You More in Fort Wayne!

Have you seen a slew of marketing campaigns for Robert Graham collections lately? There’s a reason for it – and plenty why you should pick up many of these designs for your own closet!

RG designs have always brought the best mens sportswear to men all around the world. His designs are known for their pops in color, for their uniqueness, and for being some of the best styles on the market today. But the problem was, these designs weren’t well-known enough. Robert Stock, the designer, wanted a higher profile and wanted to bring his creations to every man; not just the privileged few that have heard about them.

In 2013, RG designs will do just that – bring this brilliant fashion to anyone and everyone that wants to wear it. And the company has started with a major marketing campaign! The campaign was released just this past weekend, and shows a collage of some of Graham’s greatest designs, done in a style of sophistication, not sloppiness. This marketing effort will be focused on branding RG designs in retail stores, and making consumers more aware of the quality of choices that surround them.

It’s also next year that the brand will be opening five new stores across the United States, but you don’t have to wait until then. Come see us at the experienced mens store Fort Wayne and get all your RG designs today!