Peter Millar: Golfing and Greatness


If you go golfing in Fort Wayne, or anywhere for that matter, you probably know the name Peter Millar. It is synonymous with the gold standard for lifestyle golf apparel. Men around the world love Peter Millar for its high quality and ability to be worn on and off the green. It is so lux in fact, that Peter Millar outfitted the International President’s Cup Team.

But the best part about Peter Millar is that despite it being a global brand, it retains its Raleigh, North Carolina roots. It is aristocratic but not stuffy. It’s classic and old-world, but possesses modern American sharpness. It is a glass of 12-year-old, single barrel bourbon, neat.

The other best part about Peter Millar is how its founder, Chris Knott, chose the name for the company. Looking for an aristocratic-sounding name to brand his new venture, he spied one on an old leather lawn bowling ball of his mother’s, and “Peter Millar” it was. If that’s not inspiration, I don’t know what is.

“Our customers love Peter Millar. Its southern, all-American feel resonates here in Fort Wayne,” says Chris Lambert, owner of Christopher James Menswear in Fort Wayne, Ind. “And its appeals to every generation. Both the older guys and the younger guys come in asking for Peter Millar.”

So, if you need something for the golf course or the boardroom (or both), Christopher James Menswear has got you covered. As for your back-swing…well, that’s up to you.

Fall at Christopher James

We have enjoyed receiving a wide variety of merchandise over the last month and we have the store ready for the Fall/Winter season! Also we would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who came out to our October 12th trunk show, “Sweet Clothes, Sweet Cars and Fine Cigars”. It was a huge success. as we donated over$1,500 to local Lendingahand charities and had a great time in the process. Big thanks to our friends at Casa, Jim Casaburo and the always exciting Chef Al, as well as the entertainment, Alicia Pyle, for helping to create such a great atmosphere.

Cathy, Tom, Sherill and Max I have chosen some of our favorite items and outfits for the fall season. Below the photo’s is a description of the items in the photo’s.

Photo 1

Robert Talbott Sport Coat, Robert Talbott Tie, Eton Shirt, Sanyo Jacket, Salvatore Flannel Pants


Photo 2

Eton Shirts and Ties


Photo 3

Suit on the left: Paul Betenly Suit, White Andrew J Shirt, Robert Talbott Tie

Suit on the Right: Hickey Freeman Suit, Eton Shirt, Robert Talbott Tie

Photo 4

Victorinox Vest, Sport Shirt and Scarf

Photo 5

Peter Millar Vest, Sweater and Sport Shirt, Scarf by J.M Dickens

Photo 6

Assorted Wolverine Boots


Photo 7

Coppley Suit, Eton Shirt, Robert Talbott Tie, Edward Armah Pocket Circle, JM Dickens Scarf

Photo 8

Coppley Sport Jacket, Eton Tie, Robert Talbott Tie

Photo 9

Allen Edmonds Ridgeway, W. Klienberg Belt, Victorinox Hat

If you see anything you would like to get more information on leave a comment, or even better come on in! We are open Monday through Friday 10 to 7 and Saturday 10 to 5. We are very excited about a few new brands for fall and as the season progresses we will be sharing “brand profiles” and other exciting news here on our blog.

We hope to see you soon!