The Art of Layering

Coppley Suit

The winters are cold here in Fort Wayne, so undoubtedly you need several layers to keep warm. But layering isn’t always as easy as piling on a few different shirts. You have to combine complementary fabrics and prints.

This is why Christopher James Menswear loves Monterey, California-based designer Robert Talbott, who makes a line of sport shirts that are perfect for layering. Keep a few of these in your closet and you won’t even have to think about what goes with what.

Robert Talbott sport shirts come in a variety of subdued prints and solid colors—navy, olive, gray, plum, and others. Most are 100% cotton, and natural fabrics are the best insulators.

Top one of these bad boys with a zip-up cashmere sweater (also an excellent insulator—lightweight and impossibly warm), and you are ready to spend a weekend in a chalet in the Swiss Alps (or on your couch in Fort Wayne, either one).

If it is casual Friday at the office, wear one of Robert Talbott’s sport shirts under a V-neck sweater and accessorize with a Robert Talbott tie (also a great product from this designer).

Just remember: when you layer, choose one print or brighter color, and pair it with a solid, or neutral color. The patterned garment should be the bottom layer, generally. Also–and maybe this goes without saying–layering is a more casual look, so it’s best to avoid shiny fabrics and anything that is overly formal.

Come into Christopher James Menswear and we will help you pick a few things out.

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