Want the Best of All Luxury Menswear in Indiana? Wear VK Nagrani

We all know that if you want the best sports shirts you go to Robert Graham (http://cjmenswear.com/). And if you want the best fashion denim for men (http://cjmenswear.com/who-we-are/), you might check out Agave Jeans. But isn’t there a designer that provides everything for men, from bowties to dress shirts to trousers– and everything in between? Isn’t there a designer that provides every kind of luxury menswear in Indiana (http://cjmenswear.com/what-we-do-2/)? There is. And you’ll find it all at VK Nagrani.

VK Nagrani has many different collections, but searching within them is just half the fun. The signature collection, VK Nagrani, is full of everything you could ever wish to stuff your wardrobe with. Any type of jacket is here, from single breasted, double breasted, and even aviator styles. The ‘Type X’ jacket is found here too, for those cool and casual days when you want to wear more of a cardigan than you do a sports coat. Dress shirts, neck socks, polos, and even socks and underwear can all be found within this signature clothing line.

When you want to focus on your intimate apparel, the Ugly Vix line is what you’re looking for. There’s sportswear in this mix too, but it really is all about filling up that socks and underwear drawer. Sleek lines will ensure that no one will ever know you’re wearing the very best under there, and the socks are full of everything from the most conservative pairs to the craziest and the wildest for when you need the chance to let loose. This line will not only keep you covered, but let you show off your personality, even if it’s hidden underneath a calm and cool surface.

When you want to stop hopping from line to line and from brand to brand, check out VK Nagrani. They’re sure to have everything you need.

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