Must-Have Winter Accessories for Fort Wayne

Sometimes, it’s the small things that make an outfit. In cold weather, one small thing can mean the difference between being toasty or a human popsicle. So, stay warm and stylish this winter in Fort Wayne with these must-have accessories.

In Fort Wayne, where snow, rain and frigid temperatures often occur all at once, you must have shoes that defy Mother Nature. Wolverine, a maker of reputable work boots, also makes stylish casual boots for men, and they are perfect for standing up to snow, rain and frigid temperatures.

Wolverine boots in black and brown

Wolverine boots


Nothing else matters when your toes are cold. So, keep your tootsies cozy with the right socks.

gray wool argyle socks


A quilted vest
A popular look now is to wear a quilted field vest under a blazer or sport coat. We think it looks quite posh.

Quilted vest


A cashmere scarf
Cashmere is a combination of extreme lightness and extreme warmth that only Mother Nature could engineer. This purr-inducing, sophisticated fabric is the fine undercoat of goats that inhabit some of the coldest places on earth (e.g. Mongolia in winter), so it’s silky but incredibly warm. Did we mention it always looks chic? Cashmere is the fabric of the winter season.

Coppley Suit

A cashmere scarf is a very dapper accessory


A cozy hat
Science has dispelled the myth that you lose most of your body heat through your head, but when the temperature is below zero (as it often is in during a Fort Wayne winter), retaining every bit of warmth helps. So, cap your precious noggin with a warm hat.

gray winter hat

A cozy hat. Photo Credit: Hedgehog Fibres via Compfight cc


Handy Gloves
Sleek leather gloves always look sophisticated. They also always protect your hands from a freezing steering wheel in the morning. Black leather gloves are classic and brown look modern with a dark gray pea coat.

Black leather gloves

Photo Credit: guantipelle via Compfight cc

For more ways to stay warm this winter, come see us at Christopher James Menswear.

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