Wolverine Boots are a Must-Have for Men in Fort Wayne, IN

553403_425896970807313_1821412295_nThe one thing about the polar vortex that is for sure is that it wreaks havoc on your footwear. Shallow, perhaps, but true. All that ice, sidewalk salt, snow, slush, and whatever they all become once pooled on the ground, is the nemesis of nice shoes.

But there is a solution for the men of Fort Wayne, Indiana, and it is a brand of boots called Wolverine (unfortunately—or fortunately, depending on your view—they are not associated with the famous X-Men character). Wolverine makes elegant, cold-weather boots that are perfect for men in Indiana, where snow, rain and frigid temperatures often occur all at once, making it seemingly impossible to dress stylishly and not ruin your favorite footwear.

Wolverine is actually best known for its high-quality, durable work boots, but Christopher James Menswear carries their casual styles. So, these boots have all the makings of durable, warm work boots, but are sleek and casual enough to wear to brunch or run weekend errands.

And did I mention that they just look cool? They are sleek but a little rugged too. Pair them with dark washed jeans, a plaid button down, and a cashmere sweater (layers on men is an especially popular look these days), and you are good to go.

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