Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution in One Trip to Christopher James Menswear in Fort Wayne

made to measure

What is the fastest way to lose ten pounds this year?

Wear a suit that fits.

Fit is everything when it comes to a looking good in a suit. If it is too tight, you look like you’re bursting at the seams (perhaps literally). If it is too big, you look like you have something to hide. And don’t be fooled: not even the nicest, most expensive fabric or designer nametag can save an ill-fitting suit.

Getting your suit made-to-measure is the only way to ensure you are wearing a suit that not only fits, but fits like a glove.

At Christopher James Menswear, our made-to-measure process involves our expert tailors taking your exact measurements and allowing you to choose from thousands of fabric and color swatches.

The process may sound daunting and time consuming, with all the swatches, measurements, and decisions that need to be made, but we can assure you that it is neither. In fact, made-to-measure saves you time. Rather than spending hours in a department store (or worse, online) trying on suits that, “kinda sorta fit here, but not really there,” made-to-measure suiting only requires one fitting (with possible tweaks when the final product comes in). And with our team of experts to assist you, making decisions on color and fabric will be easy.  Did we mention there is complimentary wine and you can watch the game while you get measured?

We also have various price points, so whether you are a high-ranking executive or a talented rookie on the up and up, we have pricing options that should fit as well as your custom suit.

In as little as four weeks (that’s how long it takes for your suit to arrive), you will have lost 10 pounds with zero effort. Who said New Year’s resolutions were hard?

Come into Christopher James Menswear and get measured for a custom suit. It is well worth it.

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