Peter Millar, Understated Luxury Menswear in Indiana

Upscale mens sportswear mens designer denim and sharp blazers, you’ll find it all when you take a look at even just a few Peter Millar designs. But there’s something different about this luxury menswear It doesn’t look like the others, and it doesn’t feel like the others either. It’s not only stylish, it’s comfortable! And that’s why Peter Millar prefers to call themselves a lifestyle brand, and not a fashion brand.

Within any Peter Millar collection, you won’t find one stiff blazer, one pair of ill-placed seams, or one pair of shoes that were simply too tight to be comfortable. Peter Millar knows that dressing well doesn’t mean being uncomfortable, it’s about showing people how comfortable you are with just being you. It’s about telling people that you wear only the best, but not in a way that’s snobbish or ultra-debonair. Just a way that’s totally you.

Best of all, Peter Millar doesn’t just follow trends and churn out the same styles that you’ll see everywhere else. While the designs are consistently understated, Peter Millar continues to set their own trends and continues to also develop their own fits and cuts, as well as their own unique patterns and designs.

When you want to be stylish but comfortable, and well-dressed without a hint of pretense, you need to wear Peter Millar.

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