Peter Millar, Understated Luxury Menswear in Indiana

Upscale mens sportswear mens designer denim and sharp blazers, you’ll find it all when you take a look at even just a few Peter Millar designs. But there’s something different about this luxury menswear It doesn’t look like the others, and it doesn’t feel like the others either. It’s not only stylish, it’s comfortable! And that’s why Peter Millar prefers to call themselves a lifestyle brand, and not a fashion brand.

Within any Peter Millar collection, you won’t find one stiff blazer, one pair of ill-placed seams, or one pair of shoes that were simply too tight to be comfortable. Peter Millar knows that dressing well doesn’t mean being uncomfortable, it’s about showing people how comfortable you are with just being you. It’s about telling people that you wear only the best, but not in a way that’s snobbish or ultra-debonair. Just a way that’s totally you.

Best of all, Peter Millar doesn’t just follow trends and churn out the same styles that you’ll see everywhere else. While the designs are consistently understated, Peter Millar continues to set their own trends and continues to also develop their own fits and cuts, as well as their own unique patterns and designs.

When you want to be stylish but comfortable, and well-dressed without a hint of pretense, you need to wear Peter Millar.

When the Weather Turns Cold, you Need Better Menswear Fort Wayne

The snow is falling, temperatures are dropping, and you need better menswear Fort Wayne This year, make sure that you put Codice sweaters on your wish list, to keep you comfortable and cozy while keeping that same sophisticated style you love.

Within the array of this luxury menswear you’ll find everything from cable knit sweaters to pullovers and heavy cable knit sweaters to lighter-weight cotton twills and tweeds. If you want something lighter, Codice’s button sweaters, which include three large buttons down from the collar, are a great option. These are lightweight like a long-sleeved t-shirt, but are a bit more stylish and will keep you warm on even the snowiest nights.

You’ll also find an assortment of colors along with styles to choose from with Codice sweaters, everything from neutral grays to two-tone browns and golds. Not are these colors kept neutral to keep anyone looking and feeling great, but they’re also very warm colors which are perfect for the season. Along with the great colors, Codice also creates many different patterns and designs for those that want to be just a little bit different, and play up the ‘well-dressed’ look a bit.

When you need the right apparel for the season, come see us at CJ Menswear, the best place to buy mens clothes in Fort Wayne We have an entire selection of Codice sweaters, and we’ll be able to help you find the one that’s right for you!

Impulso in Indiana, Luxury Menswear in a Sweater

The only real way to describe Impulso sweaters is by saying that they are sharp. And while that may seem like an understatement, it’s the perfect one for a line of sweaters that is conservative without being boring, and that keeps you looking stylish without being over the top.

Impulso sweaters are true luxury menswear right down to the leather patched elbows that you’ll find on several different styles. But patches are just one way Impulso includes fine style into their sweaters. Within their selection you’ll also find cardigans, pullovers, even hoodies that slightly open at the collar, and that allow you to wear the hood down for a casual look, or up for a mysterious, darker style. Everything gets taken up another notch with this better menswear Fort Wayne even the color selections. Here you’ll have choices such as Bordeaux, ecru, and sand.

It’s that time of year again, when everyone is busy pulling out their Christmas sweaters. Make sure that yours really makes a statement, and if you don’t have one yet, come see us at CJ Menswear. We are the experienced mens apparel store Fort Wayne and our entire selection of Impulso sweaters will be fit for wearing to the big family gathering (or anywhere else) year after year!

Looking for Mens Dress Shoes Fort Wayne? Look No Further than Cole Haan

Last time we talked about Cole Haan, we told you about the many different styles this designer menswear brand offers for any activity, and any day you might have planned. Now we’d like to focus on one of those styles – mens dress shoes Fort Wayne – and tell you why when you’re looking for a pair, there’s no one better than Cole Haan.

Cole Haan dress shoes have some of the best silhouettes on the market. With clean lines and slim and sleek shapes, it’s no wonder that they’re some of the most popular in the entire country. But that shape that you see doesn’t just look great, it’s also what helps keep your foot comfortable while wearing them. Because Cole Haan knows luxury menswear shouldn’t be uncomfortable; in fact, it should make you even more comfortable to be who you are, and to show that off.

One of the features that will keep your foot comfortable is the fact that every pair of Cole Haan shoes has leather lining inside. That lining provides a cushion for your foot and will also absorb odors, but most importantly, that lining will ensure that your shoes are around for a very long time.

Cole Haan knows that dressing well doesn’t mean being uncomfortable, or choosing styles that were never really “you.” That’s why they’ve created some of the most stylish dress shoes in the country. And it’s why we’re so proud to showcase them right here at CJ Menswear.

Mistakes You Might be Making with Northern Indiana Formalwear, and how to Stop Making Them

Whether it’s a suit jacket you’re wearing, a blazer, or other Northern Indiana formalwear jacket you’re wearing, there might be some mistakes you’re making while doing it. Maybe you’ve already noticed them without even realizing it. Maybe the front has been bunching up (or splitting open,) or maybe the shoulders just don’t look right. Whatever it is, you’ve noticed it and just don’t know how to fix it. Well, here are those mistakes pinpointed for you, and the solution that will help you get that fit just right.

If “X marks the spot” at the front of your jacket, this is a telltale sign that the jacket does not fit you properly. The x is formed when the jacket is too snug in front, and pulls where the button meets. This problem occurs when the jacket is too small and you simply need one that’s bigger. When trying new jackets on, place your palm between your shirt and the jacket; then make a fist. If the shirt is snug but doesn’t pull when you make a fist, and is completely smooth when you don’t, the jacket fits you perfectly.

If it’s not an x, but divots at the top and sides of the shoulders, this is a sign that the jacket is too big for you. These are small indents made in the material of the jacket, and are extremely noticeable when you lift your arms, even slightly. A smaller jacket will fix this problem. When trying them on, place your arms along your sides and make sure that the material remains smooth without wrinkling. If it is, you have a jacket that fits you perfectly.

These are just two of the tips that will help ensure your luxury menswear remains looking just like that. When you need further help finding that perfect jacket for you, come see us at CJ Menswear. We are the most experienced mens specialty store and we have the selection and the advice that will you the wardrobe you need.

Martin Dingman knows that Better Menswear Fort Wayne means Better Choice

Martin Dingman isn’t just a designer of mens fashion accessories and they’re not just about wallets and belts. They’re about providing men with a choice when it comes to the accessories they need, and providing something that will look good with any piece of luxury menswear.

For those that are looking for something that’s a bit understated and has lots of rustic appeal, the Kade belt will fill the bill. This belt is made from soft lambskin and is smooth all the way around. The silver metal hardware finishes the look off, and the silver metal hardware also lends it a real “man’s man” type of feel.

For those that are looking for the polishing touch on their suits, blazers, trousers, and other Northern Indiana formalwear the snakeskin belts and wallets might be a better fit. These have a rougher texture due to the nature of the material, and that texture also provides more detailing in the belt, making it a bit more interesting.

Martin Dingman has a belt for every occasion, even braided leather belts when you need something comfortable and no-nonsense, or just a little different. And when it’s time to get ready for that occasion and dress yourself in the best accessories, you can come see us at CJ Menswear. We’ll always have everything that you need, from your top coat, all the way down to your belt and wallet!

Give the Gift of Luxury Menswear in Indiana this Year!

When you’re shopping for a gift for someone else, it can be almost impossible to purchase suits or other luxury menswear Apparel, especially when it’s the finest apparel, requires measurements to be taken, fine tailoring, and time to try it on, to see if it looks “just right.” So when you want to buy them the best this holiday, and you want to get it for them at the experienced mens apparel store make sure you get them a gift card from us right here at CJ Menswear.

Buying someone a CJ Menswear gift card for the holidays this year gives them instant access to great brands such as Donald Plyner, Agave Denim, and Robert Graham It also gives them an entire selection of sportswear, shirts, suits, and even tuxedos to choose from. If they’re looking for anything from an entire suit to bow ties and other accessories, we’ve got it here for them to pick out. And because the gift will be of their choosing, you can be sure that they’ll get exactly what they want.

Whether you’re looking for a suit for the young man who’s just starting to learn what dressing sharply means, or you want to give your man something special to add to his wardrobe, you don’t have to take on the impossible task of picking it out on your own. Give them a gift card from the best men’s store in Indiana, and give them the best gift they’ll get all year!

Mens Dress Shoes Fort Wayne for the Holidays!

It’s the holidays! And just because you’re staying dapper and continuing to look sharp in your luxury menswear doesn’t mean that you can’t be a little bit festive while you do it. Luckily Allen Edmonds, the best name in mens dress shoes Fort Wayne has created something that will allow you to do it.

The shoes are called the Jingle Bell Mok Wingtip Oxfords, and they are festive in red and green. But you won’t find any tacky primary colors here. No, instead most of the upper is done in a burgundy red with deep forest green accenting. If you like the style of this wingtip oxford, with the detailing and dual trim along the upper, but don’t want to be so bold with your shoes, the Jingle Bell Mok Wingtip Oxfords are also available in black. To jazz them up a bit, tie them up with Allen Edmonds’ Candy Cane replacement laces – they’ll give any shoe a touch of holiday charm without overdoing it.

Allen Edmonds doesn’t just have shoes for the holidays, they have shoes for anything you need, even golf shoes for those enjoying their time on vacation, and need some upscale mens sportswear when they go. When you want to check out their entire selection, and find that pair of shoes you’ve been wanting, come see us at CJ Menswear!

Do Your Shirts Not Measure Up? With Custom Clothing Like This They Will!

Are you looking for true luxury menswear ( Designer looks that don’t necessarily appear on the designer racks? You just want something different! Is that really too much to ask? Not when you know about the secret of custom clothing ( that comes with every shirt Measure Up makes!

Measure Up isn’t a mens fashion store (, nor are they just another designer name. They are a company that’s dedicated to bringing men luxury shirts that fit them perfectly – they are after all, custom made.

That’s right! When you choose Measure Up clothing, you get a number of different choices and options. Think about over 300 samples of swatches to choose from, more than 30 different collar styles and 11 different styles of cuffs.

Not enough for you? You’ll also get different front and back styles to choose from, as well as a number of different pocket sizes and shapes. Want to take the custom style up to an entirely different level? Why not have your design monogrammed with your very own initials? There’s no better way to say that a shirt was made just for you – and Measure Up has 43 different colors available for monogramming!

Measure Up is largely known for their dress shirts, and with all the options they provide, it’s really no wonder why. But the brand has stepped into the casual department over the past few years too, and these lines are just as compelling as their dress shirts.

When you’re looking for the very best, and clothes that all your own, Measure Up makes them – and we at CJ Menswear carry them!

What are the Benefits of Custom Clothing?

Lots of people know that true luxury menswear means custom clothing; yet they don’t really know what custom-made clothes are, or what makes them so great. So what is it about these clothes that make them the best? In fact, there are a few things!

Fit is the number one reason why people choose custom clothes. No two body types are made the exact same way and as such, no piece of clothing will ever fit two different people perfectly. With custom clothes though, you can rest assure that your clothes will always fit and hang just right – making you look near perfect. This is because custom clothes use your measurements and your size – not just the average body type.

This is because custom clothes are very much like made to measure (, except they’re taken up another level. With custom clothing you don’t only get the very best size that fits you perfectly, but you also get to choose the material, the fabric, and any other accessory or feature you want with your clothes. Of course, you’ll also be able to choose from the very best designer names and styles!

Custom clothes are all the rage, and there is a very good reason for it. It’s because they’re simply the best – in every way you could think of!