Mistakes You Might be Making with Northern Indiana Formalwear, and how to Stop Making Them

Whether it’s a suit jacket you’re wearing, a blazer, or other Northern Indiana formalwear jacket you’re wearing, there might be some mistakes you’re making while doing it. Maybe you’ve already noticed them without even realizing it. Maybe the front has been bunching up (or splitting open,) or maybe the shoulders just don’t look right. Whatever it is, you’ve noticed it and just don’t know how to fix it. Well, here are those mistakes pinpointed for you, and the solution that will help you get that fit just right.

If “X marks the spot” at the front of your jacket, this is a telltale sign that the jacket does not fit you properly. The x is formed when the jacket is too snug in front, and pulls where the button meets. This problem occurs when the jacket is too small and you simply need one that’s bigger. When trying new jackets on, place your palm between your shirt and the jacket; then make a fist. If the shirt is snug but doesn’t pull when you make a fist, and is completely smooth when you don’t, the jacket fits you perfectly.

If it’s not an x, but divots at the top and sides of the shoulders, this is a sign that the jacket is too big for you. These are small indents made in the material of the jacket, and are extremely noticeable when you lift your arms, even slightly. A smaller jacket will fix this problem. When trying them on, place your arms along your sides and make sure that the material remains smooth without wrinkling. If it is, you have a jacket that fits you perfectly.

These are just two of the tips that will help ensure your luxury menswear remains looking just like that. When you need further help finding that perfect jacket for you, come see us at CJ Menswear. We are the most experienced mens specialty store and we have the selection and the advice that will you the wardrobe you need.

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