Agave: Your New Favorite Jeans for Spring


Are you in a monogamous relationship with your favorite pair of jeans? Do you covet them even though they are starting to fade or fray, and wear them to every. single. occasion that calls for denim? Don’t take this the wrong way—monogamy is a good thing—but you need to break up with your old jeans. It is spring in Fort Wayne and therefore time to freshen up your wardrobe, which includes replacing those crusty old jeans you love so much.


Of course, your situation is understandable. A good pair of jeans is hard to come by, but come on fellas, there are so many options in the denim universe that you are guaranteed to find another pair of jeans that you love just as much, and aren’t frayed at the bottom.

One brand known especially for not fraying—and that we love here at Christopher James Menswear—is Agave, a West Coast-based denim manufacturer who makes some of the sturdiest, and best, jeans in the world. The almost indestructible quality of Agave jeans are inspired by the brand’s namesake—the agave plant, which is known for its durability (the agave plant is not totally indestructible, of course, otherwise we wouldn’t have tequila. Thank goodness, right?).

So, if you make Agaves your new favorite pair of jeans, they will last a super long time and wear in well.

Agave jeans are also environmentally friendly. So, you can feel good about yourself in more ways than one (e.g. looking awesome in a pair of these jeans).

Come see our selection.

We also have a wide selection of Agave knits and shirts, so you’ll want to check those out too.

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