Agave Knits: Your New Favorite Basics for Spring

agave knit t-shirt fort wayne indiana

We just wrote a post about Agave denim, and then thought it would be prudent to mention all the Agave knits we carry at Christopher James Menswear, too.

Like Agave’s jeans, their shirts are built to last. The brand excels at making high-quality basics, which means that with a few Agave knits in your closet, you will not have to replace your t-shirts as often. And that is priceless, really.

Most of their knits are 100% cotton or tencel. Tencel is natural fiber known for its draping. So, an Agave shirt made out of tencel will generally be very flattering to the body. Tencel is also really soft, almost silky, so it feels great against your skin. Lastly, it’s a very strong fabric, so it can endure many washes and still look like new.

Agave knits go great with jeans, of course, but they also make for great undershirts, so you can repurpose them for work and play. For a relaxed, but still sophisticated spring look, pair an Agave tee with a light cardigan and dark-washed jeans.

Also, like Agave jeans, Agave knits are all made in California and via an environmentally friendly process. So, you can feel good about the clothes your wearing and your clean conscience. It’s a win-win.

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