Paul Betenly Offers Fort Wayne Men Affordable, High Quality Suits and Sport Coats

paul betenly suits in fort wayne

A nice suits comes at price, and while the cost is often justified, sometimes your bank account just won’t allow it. So, what is a man with a keen sartorial eye but lighter wallet supposed to do when he needs a suit or sport coat?

Easy: he goes for Paul Betenly.

Paul Betenly is known around the world for making high-quality suits at affordable prices, allowing men to look sharp and still pay their bills. PB suits and sports coat are half-canvassed and made from fine Italian wool. Also, the stitching and inlaying on a Paul Betenly suit is on par with other high-end brands.

In addition to crafting classic fitting suits, Paul Betenly also makes high-quality slimmer suits, desired by many of the younger guys today. So, the young lad can get the skinny trousers and thin lapels he wants at a price he can afford, and the distinguished gent can try something a little trendier without as much risk.

But regardless of the fit or the age of the wearer, all Paul Betenly suits and sport coats are elegant and express all-American sophistication.

Also, there is a certain pleasure to be had in knowing that you look just as good for a fraction of the price. With a Paul Betenly suit, no one will know you paid well under $1,000 for it, and they might even assume you have champagne taste. (And also, what guy doesn’t love a bang for his buck?)

So, if you’re on a budget but want a high-quality suit or sport coat, come see us about our Paul Betenly collection.

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