Bill’s Khakis Available in Fort Wayne

In 1984, Bill Thomas, founder of Bill’s Khakis, discovered a pair of original WWII khakis at an Army surplus store in Ohio. Thomas, then a college student, fell madly in love with his newfound treasure. He admired their durability, deep pockets, and reveled in their supreme comfort. He wore them constantly–until they were little more than a pile of thread. Sadly, Thomas knew he couldn’t replace them–modern day Dockers didn’t hold a candle to the khakis of yore.

US Soldier in Australia in WWII in a khaki uniform (and with a charming pup)

Khakis of yore: a US Soldier in Australia in WWII in a khaki uniform (and with a charming pup) (Photo source: Wikicommons)

So, he decided to make his own. In 1990, Thomas began manufacturing khakis like they did back in WWII, and with all the traits he fell in love with that fateful day in 1984, in the Army surplus store.

The company has tinkered with its products over the years, e.g. adding skinnier fits and more color, but has otherwise remained consistent. No matter if you buy them here at Christopher James Menswear or the Sierra Trading Post (*cough…buy from CJM…cough*), you are guaranteed the same great product. This is why Bill’s Khakis has such a loyal following–men know what they want, and with Bill’s Khakis, they get it.

BK’s khakis come in four basic fits: trim, standard, relaxed, and full, and in a variety of twill cottons, linens, poplin, seersucker, and canvas fabrics. All of their pants, whether pleated, double-pleated, or flat-front, are sewn with expert craftsmanship. They are definitely worth the slightly higher price tag.

Also, Bill’s Khakis is based in Reading, Pennsylvania, and their pants are produced right here in the USA. So, that’s another thing you can feel good about when buying from this company.

Help preserve this “small but symbolic piece of Americana,” as Bill’s Khakis calls it, and come sample our selection of Bill’s Khakis apparel. Find us here.

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