Boy, Have We Got Plenty of Allen Edmonds Shoes

allen edmonds shoes

Hello, gentlemen of Fort Wayne! If you are looking for Allen Edmonds shoes, you must come see us at the store. We have tons of A.E. shoes–we’ve got A.E. wingtips, slip-ons, drivers, boat shoes, and plenty more.

Here is just a small sample of of our selection:

allen edmonds shoes 2

AE’s bourbon leather. These would look fantastic with a navy suit (and we have those too).

Allen Edmonds Classic Black Shoes

What every man should own: AE in classic black. This is only a fraction of our AE black shoe selection.

AE slip ons

AE slip ons

Several AE casual styles

Several AE casual styles

allen edmonds casual shoes

More AE casual styles…

allen edmonds shoes green burgundy

It’s tough to tell, but the shoe on the right is a gorgeous deep burgundy leather.

We have these Allen Edmond shoes and more, so definitely come see us for our whole selection.

*ALSO* If you vote for us for the Fort Wayne Newspapers Reader’s Choice Best Of…2014 we will give you 20% off your purchase. We are nominated for Best Men’s Store, Best Shoe Store, and Best Formal Wear Rental & Sales.

(And yeah, we know what your thinking: “Wow, that’s a lot of noms, CJM! Congrats!” Yeah, yeah…well, what can we say? We’re good at what we do…Oh…wait, you were thinking you could get 20% for each category vote? Sorry, one discount per person. We’re good, but not THAT good.)

Show us some love and vote for us here. 

Then, come see us here. We look forward to seeing you.

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