Daniel Wellington Redefines the Price of a Luxury Watch

Daniel Wellington Redefines the Price of a Luxury Watch

A nice watch is the epitome of luxury. But what if you don’t earn the salary necessary to buy a fancy timepiece? There’s no need worry—we have the answer to your problem. Daniel Wellington watches make telling time as luxurious as can be, only they do you one better: they are at a price you can afford.



We know what you’re thinking. But don’t, because with a Daniel Wellington watch, you won’t sacrifice a scrap of quality. Each watch features a mineral glass face, an elegant, leather or nylon pass-through strap, and a Japanese quartz movement (“movement” is what makes the watch tick, no pun intended. Learn more about movements and other technical watch terms here).

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Aesthetically, Daniel Wellington is the epitome of a refined watch. They are not over-gadgetized with dials, markers and numbers. Their minimalist, elegant look makes them suitable for any occasion, like the office or the racetrack. (They are forever timely, if you will.)



Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 10.00.43 AMBut what makes them even more versatile is that all straps are interchangeable. So if you’re the type of guy that likes to keep things new and exciting, or if you’re choosy about what looks best for a certain occasion, a Daniel Wellington gives you the options you want and need—and in just one watch, no less.


Come in and see our great collection of Daniel Wellington watches today. We are located here.

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