Eton’s Spring Dress Shirts Capture the Season

Eton’s Spring Dress Shirts Capture the Season

An Eton shirt is one of the best dress shirts a man can own. There is something about the way it feels against the skin, its clean silhouette, and how it stays crisp that make Eton shirts irresistible. Addicting, even. (Rarely does a guy buy just one.)

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Eton shirts are addicting to men worldwide, and though the company is globally respected, it’s maintained a strong sense of exclusivity. For one thing, Eton shirts are only sold in specialty stores (like yours truly here in Fort Wayne, Ind.), but more importantly, every shirt they make possesses the same high-quality, European construction that the company became known for when it started back in 1929, in a small factory in a little Swedish village.

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Even today, almost a century later, Eton is still not a large company. Compared to other popular, present day shirt manufacturers, Eton is definitely a specialty operation. This is what makes their shirts so great—a smaller operation allows for more attention detail, expertise and ultimately, a superior product.


Every season Eton produces exceptional dress shirts, and this spring is no different. They have produced a line of shirts that perfectly capture how a man wants to feel this time of year—uninhibited but still remarkably well-dressed.

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Get a glimpse of Eton’s Spring 2015 Collection in the video below:


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Come check out our selection of spring 2015 Eton dress shirts today. We are located here.

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