The Best of Martin Dingman Leathers Available Here in Fort Wayne, Indiana

You know that momentary high you get from a whiff of supple, handsome leather? Well, that heady aroma contains everything we love about specialty menswear. It smells of luxury, quality, and authenticity, and of timeless pieces that wear well for years. It also contains hints of the je ne sais quois of a well-dressed gentleman.

If we sound a bit melodramatic, it’s because we are. Fine leather just does that to us.

Especially Martin Dingman leather.

Martin Dingman’s leather goods, which include shoes, belts, wallets and more, exude all of the above. His products last forever, both physically and stylistically. Because the aesthetic of his pieces is classic, they lend themselves to years of use in near-perfect condition. Also, his pieces just look amazing. As proof of this, check out this picture of Mad Men’s John Slattery in GQ sporting a Martin Dingman belt. Amazing, right?

The man behind the magic of Martin Dingman is none other than…you guessed it…Martin Dingman. This world-renowned leather craftsman has spent his life in menswear, doing everything from working in department stores to launching a bow tie line to designing Cole Haan accessories to his current leather goods and apparel lines.

His company is based in Arkansas, where he grew up. According to his website, his products are inspired by the beauty and integrity of the Ozarks.

It’s clear from the exacting details in every Martin Dingman piece that he loves his work just as much as we do. Every stitch is solid, every cut is precise, and the leather itself is among the best in the world.

CJM carries a number of Martin Dingman products, including the best MD shoe selection in Indiana. Learn more about that here.

If we’re wrong for loving Martin Dingman, we don’t want to be right.

Come see what the fuss is all about here at Christopher James Menswear. Also, we have a bunch of new fall products we’re sure you’ll love.

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