STEP USA is Neckwear With a Woman’s Touch


Sometimes, no matter how well a man dresses himself, a woman’s touch is what is needed to take his look from proper to polished. This is one of the inspiring ideas behind STEP USA, a hot new line of men’s neckwear, now available right here in Fort Wayne, at yours truly.

Ruth Graves founded STEP USA in New York City. She is a 20-year veteran of the fashion industry and has designed ties and scarves for the likes of Ralph Lauren, Robert Talbott, and Calvin Klein. She also lists some pretty heavy hitters as her mentors, like Giancarlo Galvani, Michelle Palladino and Enrico Prini.

Now independent, Graves is selling direct to retailers through her STEP USA line, a collection of ties and scarves made from the finest fabrics around the world, including silks and wools from Italy and England, heavy wools from Ireland and truly luxe Alpaca from Peru. All of STEP USA products are made in either the U.S. or Italy.

While top-notch quality, fine fabrics and craftsmanship define STEP USA, Graves does take pride in the fact that all of her products possess “a woman’s touch.” In a recent article in MR Marketplace, Graves explained this more by saying, “women have the ability to intuit what it takes to make a man’s wardrobe more fashionable, elegant, trendy, [and] sexy.”

This is good news, gentlemen. Why? Because it means all STEP USA ties and scarves are guaranteed to be wife and girlfriend approved.

So guys, impress even your most discerning critics (e.g. the missus) by sporting some excellent new neckwear from STEP USA. We have tons of product for you to choose from here at Christopher James Menswear, and we’d love for you to come in and check it out.

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