Robert Talbott Seven Fold Ties Available in Fort Wayne at Christopher James Menswear

Robert Talbott Seven Fold Ties Available in Fort Wayne

Know the difference between a regular tie and a seven fold

Thanks to Robert Talbott, a California-based designer and menswear brand, well-dressed men can indulge their sartorial fancies with the luxurious seven fold tie. Talbott, along with artist Lydia Grayson, is responsible for bringing this special tie back to life in the 1980s. It was first popular in the early 19th century among big-wig American businessmen, but then disappeared in the 1930s due to the Great Depression and silk shortages in China.

As you can probably guess, the seven fold tie requires a lot of fabric. It is two and half yards of silk folded in on itself seven times. All this folding produces a tie that needs no lining and practically knots itself. The draping is exquisite, and it doesn’t bind or bunch because there is no pesky liner getting in the way.

It’s seriously one of the nicest styles of ties in the world.

Several brands make seven fold ties, but we think Robert Talbott produces the best of the best. It’s high quality that borders on artistry. The craftsmanship displayed in a RT seven fold tie is magnificent, and the tie has been called “the finest tie human hands can produce.” All are hand cut, hand sewn and feature meticulous stitching.

Also, Robert Talbott seven fold ties are exclusive. The company only produces 40 ties of each design per year, and under the tail of every tie is a handwritten edition number. I mean, it can’t get much more exclusive than that, can it?

Visit us at Christopher James Menswear and see one of these exquisite, exclusive ties for yourself.

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