Coppley Custom Clothing on Sale in Fort Wayne


If you looked up “Coppley custom clothing” in a thesaurus, you would find the following synonyms: high-quality, luxury, and the best in custom suiting.

OK, hypothetically you would.

But you get the point. Coppley is a Canadian-based clothier that pioneered the making of a made-to-measure suit in just seven days, and is one of the best in the biz when it comes to making a suit that fits and looks exactly the way a guy wants. They also make sport coats and trousers that we love.

Coppley’s top-tier products are why we, Christopher James Menswear, are excited to be offering a great sale on all Coppley clothing this month. Here are the deets:

20% off all Coppley custom suits, sport coats, and trousers.
The sale lasts from now until August 2nd.

Obviously, the sooner you come in, the more fabrics you will have to choose from. And so you know, Coppley gets its fabrics from luxury manufacturers around the world like Scabal (Brussles), Zegna (Italy), Holland and Sherry (New York City), and Loro Piana (Italy). We can barely contain all the worldliness and culture here inside CJM in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

(If you’re interested, here’s the latest on the 2014 fall/winter season’s best fabrics from Scabal, one of Coppley’s sources).

Coppley and Christopher James can accommodate any cut–classic or modern slim–and we promise the craftsmanship will be nothing short of exquisite.

So, if you’re looking for a suit that fits like a glove, and looks like a million bucks (but doesn’t cost nearly that), come see us at Christopher James Menswear. We’d love to see you.

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