There’s Still Time to Get Dad Something He’ll Love

michael's swim

Father’s Day is almost here, but thanks to Christopher James Menswear in Fort Wayne, Indiana, there is still time to get just the right gift (*CJM brushes shoulder off*). Since summer is almost here too, may we suggest getting your pops something practical and desirable? Not only will he love it, but it also will prove you were listening to his lectures about practicality all those years, after all.

What we suggest is a pair of swim trunks from Michael’s Swimwear. It’s a tad unconventional for a gift, sure, but your dad is a special guy, so why would get him something that’s run of the mill? Besides, a pair of nice swimming trunks is like saying, “Here Dad, treat yourself to a day at the beach or an afternoon by the pool. You deserve it.” (And what does a tie say? “Have a nice day at the office?” Think about it.)

This season’s line of swimwear from Michael’s is on point. Not only is everything made from the finest fabrics direct from Italy (and made in the USA), but the lengths are on trend and the colors and patterns are sophisticated. Nowadays, swimming trunks should be an inch or two above the knee, but still loose fitting.

They come in an array of patterns, like gingham, paisley, ripples, and seahorses (!), and the color palette this season is very classy—a lot of sky blue, navy, pale yellow, salmon, and peach.

Come into Christopher James Menswear before Sunday and we’ll help you pick out a swimsuit your dad will love. Find us here.

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