Get Agave Knits in Fort Wayne, Indiana at CJM

Agave Denim

Come get this look at Christopher James Menswear. Woman and bison not included.

T-shirt and jeans is a look that is as American as apple pie. From James Dean to the Fonz, to the nerd-chic techies in Silicon Valley, jeans and a t-shirt has acquired a luxury look all its own. Agave, a California-based denim brand, has perfected the luxury jeans and tee look, and flavored it with its signature West Coast aesthetic. They make exceptional jeans (which we carry at CJM), but they also makes knits that every guy in Fort Wayne, Indiana needs in his closet.

Agave knits, like Agave jeans, are well-made and last forever. There is no need to worry that they will fall apart after one wash (here’s looking at you, Mr. Three-Shirt Value Pack from Walmart). Also, Agave knits are 100% cotton or tencel, so they feel delicious. FYI: Tencel is a natural fiber known for nice draping, which is what often gives an Agave t-shirt that sophisticated, high-quality look.

We currently have A TON of Agave Knits in stock, and think you need to own some of them. We have them in a variety of “desert” colors, like tan, dusty blue, indigo, brown, white, eggplant, and more. We also have v-necks, crew necks, and polos, and shirts with and without pockets.

Really, we are like an Agave knit utopia. You have to see for it yourself. Come check out our selection.

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