An Ode (Kinda) to Robert Talbott

Robert Talbott

Robert Talbott is one of our favorite brands here at Christopher James Menswear in Fort Wayne. We sell a lot of their stuff, and for good reason. Robert Talbott is high quality clothing and neckwear, made for men who like fashion and dressing well. Their aesthetic overall is classic and American, and their pieces can be worn for years and still look on-point.

They are also the best manufacturer of the seven-fold tie, which we love here at CJM, and is especially great for the upcoming fall season. (It’s a tie made from a single piece of silk that is folded seven times in a special pattern, to eliminate the need for a liner. It’s draping is just amazing.)

Here’s just a little history of the Robert Talbott brand:

It started as a cottage industry in the 1940’s, in Carmel, California, by husband and wife Robert and Audrey Talbott. Mrs. Talbott sewed silk neckties in her spare time, just as hobby and made them for her husband and friends around the holidays. The ties were exquisite. Realizing her talent, the Talbotts went into business selling high-end bow ties. They catered to a very niche market–well-heeled men who saw the value in higher-priced neckwear.

While Audrey toiled away in a bedroom-turned-workshop, Robert peddled her creations at mens clothing stores all along the west coast. Though Audrey was the heart of the operation, she preferred to stay behind the scenes, and therefore they named their business the Robert Talbott Tie Company (it would later be changed to simply Robert Talbott).

The Talbott’s hustle eventually led to success, and they opened their first store in 1953. Several years after the shop opening, they added long neckties to their offerings. While their product was high quality, they still endured years of ups and downs trying to convince more men to pay a higher price for neckwear. Finally, the tide of fashion rolled in their favor and by 1969, they were a million dollar company.

They relocated their headquarters to a larger facility in Monterey, California, and remained dedicated to making high-quality products. As technology developed, the Talbott’s reluctantly incorporated new machinery into their production process, concerned that a machine would lessen the quality of their ties, which they proudly crafted entirely by hand. They only used technology that did not compromise quality.

Today, after almost 70 years in business, Robert Talbott has perfected it’s production process, now a mix of hand and only the best machinery, and sells ties and clothing to raving fans around the world. They are still based in Monterey, California with offices in Italy. They use the best fabrics from around the world, and stay true to their Monterey Bay heritage by making clothing that exudes all-American, west-coast style.

Their seven-fold tie is probably their most recognized product, an accessory that was popular in the 1900’s, but fell out of favor during the Great Depression, then which Robert Talbott resurrected in the 1980’s:

Several Robert Talbott seven fold ties

Several Robert Talbott seven fold ties

Christopher James Menswear carries a ton of Robert Talbott apparel, including shirts, sweaters, and neckties. We love it, our customers love it, and we’re sure you will love it too. We just got in some new Robert Talbott fall product, so stop by and check it out this weekend. See you soon.

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