Coppley: Small Mens Fashion Store to Global Icon!

Often when you hear of some luxury menswear designer brands, they’re built from generations of family members that began in their home basements, and worked their way up to becoming huge mens specialty stores across the United States, and the entire world! But Coppley is a little different.

Yes, Coppley still began as a small mens fashion store. And yes, today the name brings up images of some of the best designer wear that can be found. But they’re not a family company. They’re some of the best names that have worked in fashion their entire lives.

It actually all began in a factory in Hamilton, Ontario, where fashion designers G.C. Coppley, E. Finch Noyes, and James Randall. Working together, they quickly started putting together top designs and finely stitched garments. In 1950, a Mr. Max Enkin purchased the store, and that was when success truly started to come.

During the 1960s and 1970s, the brand focused on expanding into American and European fashion brands; and in the 1980s the brand really started to take off. It became known as the brand that created modern fashion for men, and truly put their own spin on apparel.

What really defined Coppley though, was in the 1990s. This era began the casual fashion movement, and stores around the world started to reduce their inventory because suits were just no longer as high in demand as they once were. Coppley changed with the times, and was the first designer to offer made to measure clothing in just seven days. That was something to take notice of, as at the time, it generally took much longer to get such a garment together.

Coppley has been changing the way fashion works for decades, and today is no different. This brand continues to revamp fashion using different lines and fits, so that the modern man can always find what he’s looking for!

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